To view Membership and Regional Executive application fees, open this link:

Note: You’re required to pay for the Regional Executive application fee ONLY when you are notified that you have been shortlisted for the position you applied for.

Use the link below to pay your Membership Registration fee or Regional Executive application fee.

Follow these steps on the payment form.

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Membership ID ( ignore this field)

4. Payment Type:

  • If Regional Executive Application, choose Application Fee
  • If Membership Registration or Annual Dues, choose Annual Membership Fee

5. Choose Mobile Money

6. Enter Amount

7. Choose GHS

8. Choose Ghana

Click on PAY NOW

Note: You will receive a prompt to enter your PIN.

Congratulations! You are done!

Note: You will receive an SMS confirming your payment. Kindly screenshot the message and send it to the page where you posted your details if you are a Regional Executive applicant and reply on the screenshot stating your name and the position.

Note: If you are registered for Membership Whatsapp the payment screenshot to for confirmation and activation of your membership account.

You may call any of these numbers 0206007255 /0206730382 for any assistance.