The membership of United Nations Association-Ghana (UNA-GH) is open to both Ghanaian citizens and foreign nationals who are committed to the ideals of the UN and UNA-Ghana. 

Membership of UNA-GH is open to all peace- loving, public-spirited and development-oriented individuals, irrespective of race, sex, color, creed, religion, or political inclination who uphold the ideals and goals of the UN, WFUNA and UNA–GH.

Join us now, be part of the peoples movement to inspire and build healthy communities and a better world.  Let’s joins hands to give our full support to the UN.  Join today!

When you open the registration link, it will take you t a login page. As a new applicant, you must create an account.

After successfully submitting the account registration form, you will be directed to complete the membership form and make payment for your annual membership fee of GHC 160.00.

Once payment is made, call or whatsapp +233206007255 to verify your membership.

It is only when your membership is verified that you can have access to the United Nations Association-Ghana’s Membership App to network with other members and to access all the membership benefits.


  1. Your membership can be terminated if it is discovered that you provided false and inaccurate information about yourself without refund.
  2. If you fail to complete the entire registration process your registration is deemed incomplete and invalid.
  3. Our free online registration form is the ONLY approved and legitimate source for membership registration. ( No Sale of Registration Forms)

Note: Do not pay your membership fee to any staff/executive of UNA-GH; you do that at your own risk. 

Note: All members resident abroad must contact for alternative secure payment options. (Very soon our credit card payment option will be activated on our official site).

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