This Code of Ethics is established and adopted from the United Nations Foundation (UNF) as guidelines for the professional conduct and personal ethics of UNA-GH members and partners.

All members are required to strictly adherence to these principles to maintain ones’ membership. These Code of Ethics apply to all members including staff and must be observed by meeting/event attendees to promote the highest standards of ethical conduct.  As such, staff, members, attendees pledge to accept this code as a minimum guideline for ethical conduct and shall be:


  1. Exercise reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in interactions and membership affairs. 
  2. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived or actual conflict of interest. 
  3. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information or facts that would have significance in decision-making. 
  4. Remain accountable for prudent fiscal management to the National Executives of UNA-GH, the nonprofit sector, and where applicable, to government and funding bodies. 

Professional Excellence 

  1. Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, and objectivity in UNA-GH activities. 
  2. Strive to uphold those practices and assist other UNA-GH members in upholding the highest standards of conduct. 

Personal Gain 

  1. Exercise the powers invested for the good of all members of the organization General Code of Conduct rather than for his or her personal benefit, or that of UNA-GH.

 Equal Opportunity 

  1. Ensure that appropriate and effective services are provided without discrimination on the basis of geography, political, religious, or socio-economical characteristics of the state or region represented.
  2. Ensure that appropriate and effective services are provided without discrimination on the basis of the organization’s volunteer or staff make-up in respect to gender, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, age, political affiliation, or disability, in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

 Confidential Information 

  1. Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information known due to service with UNA-GH. 

Collaboration and Cooperation

  1. Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the UNA-GH Executives/NEC, board, committees and membership, officers and employees, and formally register dissent as appropriate. 
  2. Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among staff members. As a UNA-GH members, attendees affiliated with UNA-GH, we expect you to accept certain responsibilities, adhere to acceptable business principles in matters of personal conduct, and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity at all times. 

These standards are not intended to create any contractual rights but are designed to promote efficiency, productivity, and cooperation at all UNA-GH events. It is not possible to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable. As such, the following list of prohibited conduct is not exclusive and does not purport to include every type of conduct that may result in disciplinary action. 

However, the list identifies types of conduct that are strictly prohibited and any staff or volunteer who engages in any such conduct will be subject to discipline, up to and including immediate termination of the relationship with UNA-GH. 

  • Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of UNA-GH property or the property of others 
  • Falsification of any records (including, but not limited to, personnel data records, expense report records, and safety and production records), or any other dishonesty
  • Insubordination 
  • Disrespectful or abusive conduct 
  • Vandalizing, sabotaging, damaging, or removing without authorization any UNA-GH equipment or the property of other affiliates
  • Excessive, negligent, unnecessary or unauthorized use of company supplies, particularly for personal purposes 
  • Possession of any weapon or other dangerous or unauthorized materials 
  • Conviction of a felony which has a direct relationship to your position 
  • Failure to cooperate in a UNA-GH investigation 
  • Actions which constitute discrimination, harassment, bullying or similar abusive conduct, or sexual exploitation or other sexual misconduct. 

Reporting Violations

UNA-GH affiliated organizations, staff, volunteers, meeting attendees, external partners or venders can inform or report any incidents or violations at any time to ethics@unagh.org and it will be investigated and action will be taken.