The UNAGH Artisans Project

The Artisans Project is a Project founded by the United Nations Associations of Ghana(UNA-Gh). The project is set to empower and equip the youth everywhere in Ghana interested in vocational, technical, entrepreneurship and psychomotor training and jobs through skills training, mentorship and practical competitions to acquire knowledge and skills in these fields of interest.
The project goals are set to resolve global challenges such as hunger and poverty and creates decent jobs and improve economic growth and also improve industry, innovation and infrastructure by the year 2030.

To become a world class of artisans with perfection in skill development to reduce unemployment, improve self employment and modify the creation of decent jobs and economic growth to help strengthen industrial, innovational and infrastructural hardships among youth in the country.

To provide clients with highest quality skills in meeting the standard of service by educating and training the youth to address and resolve global challenges on their own to be able to live their dreams and lives. To be independent and self employed. To eliminate hardship, hunger and poverty for economic growth of the country by 2030.

• Is to reduce hardship in the country and among the youth
• Is to reduce poverty in the country and among the youth
• To make the youth innovative and creative in the fields of Technical, Vocational and Psychomotor
• To train the youth to acquire knowledge and skills in operating and manage their own business and workshop

• Honesty and Integrity
• Entrepreneurial skills
• Passion
• Respect

The project is open to anyone who is interested. Any youth with formal or informal training or education or not educated or trained.
Persons interested or already in the fields trained like welders, dressmakers, seamstress, Taylor, hairdressers, fashion designers, barbers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, auto mechanics and electricians, shoe makers and designers, painters, masons and carpenters.

•Online Application using the link
• Calling Executive Members for manual application

• A beneficiary will gain knowledge and skills in vocational,technical and psychomotor

• A beneficiary of the project will be independent (i.e. not depending on government and private institutions for job or employment.


Stephen Lartey




Mr. Stephen Lartey is a mechanic who works at Mankessim in the Central Region of Ghana. He completed his primary education at Agogo Roman Catholic Primary and Junior High School at Agogo. He is married with two healthy kids.

He aimed at transforming his mechanic shop into a ultra-modern service center  to be able to work with more apprentice. To help Mankessim and its surrounding communities in terms of car and vehicle servicing.

He is a member of The Pentecost Church, Shilo Assemble-Mankessim, Ghana.

Agnes Eyiah

Deputy Organiser



Post Office Box 19

Methodist Church of Ghana, Mankessim

Near Ahwenabado Mosque.


Mrs. Agnes Eyiah is a hairdresser at Mankessim in the Central Region of Ghana. She had her formal education at Good Shepherd Primary and Junior High School at Abura Dunkwa. She is happily married with a kid. She dreams to convert her beauty salon to be able to admit and train more young men and women interested in becoming a hairdresser.

Linda Brown




Post Office Box 68                                    

United Pentecostal Church, Mankessim


Miss Linda Brown had her Secondary education at Nyankumasi Ahenkro Senior High School in the year 2015. She was the girls prep prefect. She offered Home Economics. And had the opportunity to continue to Jormas Catering School in Cape Coast to further her catering skills and graduated as the best student.

She now owns a training center which is into cake making, pastry, and event decoration. The Belin Training Institute in Mankessim. She aims at helping young people who wishes to be trained by Belin Institute and in addition to the three students/ apprentices she works with now under her supervision.

Margaret Oteng

Financial Secretary



Post Office Box 191,

St. Paul Catholic Church, Mankessim


Miss Margaret Oteng works as a hairdresser in Mankessim. She had her primary education at St. Paul Catholic School in Mankessim. She is a member of Supernatural Bible Ministry International Church at Mankessim. She aims at admitting apprentice to have a handy work under her training.

Rose Biney




2 Block 116, Mankessim-Asikafoabatem


Mrs. Rose Biney is a seamstress who resides at Mankessim in the Central Region of Ghana. She had her formal education at Asokwa Presbyterian Primary and J.H.S. at the Ashanti Region. And later was trained at the Opoku Ware Girls Vocational School as a seamstress at Ahodwo. She is married with kids. She is a member of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Mankessim.

She expects to bring the best out of her as a seamstress, who has worked from 1990 to date and have been able to more than 100 apprentices in Mankessim and surrounding areas.

Kojo Prah




Post Office Box 48,

Victory Baptist Church, Mankessim


Mr. Kojo Prah is working as an auto mechanic at Mankessim. He schooled at Agona Bodom Primary and J.H.S at Agona Bodom. He is married with four kids. And a member of  the Baptist Church, Mankessim.

He dreams of improving his mechanic service center to an ultra-modern service center to have enough space for apprentice admission. With support he believes to be able to train more apprentice under him, for them to have a better future.

Isaac Yamoah




Post Office Box 20,

Church of Christ, Mankessim


Mr. Isaac Yamoah works as an auto electrician in Mankessim. He had his primary education at Breman Essiam Roman Catholic School. He is married with two kids. Since a lot of young people are been unemployed and there is less decent jobs for these young people he aims at creating decent jobs by admitting young people and training them under his supervision to become auto electricians.

George Bondzie




2 Block 10E, Mankessim Netro



Mr. George Bondzie works as a welder at Mankessim. He was trained as a welder in Mankessim and had his primary education at Assin Nsuta Roman Catholic J.H.S.

He is currently working with two apprentices under him and he is planning to admit more to train them.