The United Nations Associations of Ghana (UNA-GH) is yet to launch to the public its Membership App called UNAAPP. The App is already on Google Playstore and will soon be on Apple Store. 

UNAAPP is designed for all United Nations Associations (UNAs) to effectively manage their membership data, coordinate branches/groups, engage members, collect membership dues and more.

The App offers innovative platform for interaction and networking among UNA-GH and UNYA-GH members  and provides a secure and  convenient payment solution (MoMo/Card) for membership dues.

UNA-GH is going digital as part of its rebranding and revitalization agenda to reposition the Association as a formidable UN Organization in Ghana.  There are exciting times ahead for UNA-GH and UNYA-GH members  Join Now! 

Watch out this space for more on UNAAPP.

Our Vision

UNA-GH is established as non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit-making, progressive and registered organization to become the main people's (mass) movement of the UN for the creation of a global village deviod of conflict, diseases, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and under-- development.

Our Mission

UNA-GH exists to formulate, execute and sustain strategic projects and programs in Ghana and elsewhere through collaboration with governments, WFUNA, UNAs, UN Agencies and development partners by educating and engaging people in the work of the UN for the achievement of its Goals.


The name of the Association had to be changed from Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) to UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS-GHANA (UNA-GH) to conform to the global naming of UNAs at an Extra-ordinary National Congress held at the National Museum, Accra on Saturday,30th, November,2002.

Induction Of UNA-GH National Executives

The United Nations Association – Ghana

The United Nations Association-Ghana (UNA-GH) was established in 1952.

The Association was originally named Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) but the name had to be changed to UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS-GHANA (UNA-GH) to conform to the global naming of UNAs at an Extra-ordinary National Congress held at the National Museum ,Accra,on Saturday 30th November, 2002.

UNA-GH remains the only recognized UN Association in Ghana affiliated with the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) 

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is the only global organization with the primary mission of supporting the principles and purposes of the United Nations. WFUNA represents and coordinates a membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) and their thousands of constituents.

Every UN member state has only one United Nations Association (UNA) which must be affiliated with WFUNA, hence UNA-GH remains the only recognized and legitimate UN Association in Ghana. Read More 

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The United Nations Associations App (UNAAPP) is a new membership app developed by the United Nations Association of Ghana (UNA-GH). UNAAPP  is yet to be

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We are open to all peace-loving, volunteers and development-oriented individuals, irrespective of race, sex, colour, creed, religion, or political inclination that believe in the ideals and goals of the UN, WFUNA and UNA-GH.


Join UNA-GH  to extend the impact of our programs to the national, regional and global levels. We collaborate with other national voluntary organizations on projects related to the work of the UN

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