Our Vision

UNA-GH is established as non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit-making, progressive and registered organization to become the main people's (mass) movement of the UN for the creation of a global village deviod of conflict, diseases, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and under-- development.

Our Mission

UNA---GH exit to formulate, executive and sustain strategic projects and programs in Ghana and elsewhere through collaboration with governments, WFUNA, UNAs, UN Agencies and development partners by educating and engaging people in the work of the UN for the achievement of its Goals.


The name of the Association had to be changed from Ghana United Nations Association to UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS-GHANA (UNA-GH) to conform to the global naming of UNAs at an Extra-ordinary National Congress held at the National Museum,Accra,on Saturday,30th, November,2002.

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The United Nations Association – Ghana

The preamble of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER expresses the determination of the peoples of the world to create and sustain peace and stability, promote human rights, democracy and good governance, food security, poverty eradication, good health, quality education, environmental protection and physical development among others.



Membership of UNA-GH is open to all peace- loving , public-spirited and development-oriented individuals, irrespective of race, sex, colour,creed, religion,or political inclination who uphold the ideals and goals of the UN, WFUNA and UNA–GH.


Join UNA-GH  to extend the impact of our programs to the national, regional and global levels. We collaborate with other national voluntary organizations on projects related to the work of the UN

Our Partners