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United Nations Youth Association - Ghana

Who We Are

The United Nations Youth Association – Ghana (UNYAGH) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization was founded by Bishop Peter Kojo Sackey.

Established in 2011, the organization represents the youth wing of the United Nations Association-Ghana (UNA-Ghana) and aims at building the capacity and awareness of the youth of Ghana about the UN as well as promoting their rights, responsibilities and aspirations for universal peace and development.

The Association over the years has not been that vibrant in terms of its grassroots mobilization and activities as the organization has about 100 memberships nationwide. We are currently revamping our structures and embarking on intensive membership drive to increase our grassroots base involving people from all spheres of life, engaging all stakeholders and to actively roll out our projects. 

Our Vision

A formidable, informed, empowered Ghanaian youth working to achieve the UN objectives.

Our Mission

Our operation is based on the fifteen sectors of the World Programme of Action for Youth; namely education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, environment, substance abuse, juvenile justice, leisure-time activities, girls and young women and the full and effective participation of youth in the life of society and in decision-making, as well as globalization, information and communication technologies, HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, and inter-generational issues.
We also focus on enhancing youth participation in decision-making process at all levels, increase their influence on national development, international cooperation.

We Pursue Our Mission

Providing a link for engagement between the UN and the youth of Ghana.

Building a critical mass of youth support drawn from a wide network including the general public, tertiary institutions, senior and Junior high school for the UN.

Connecting with the youth, orienting our members on the ideals and goals of the UN and supporting them to contribute to achieving the UN goals.

Organizing lectureship and youth debates on how to improve the UN to become more efficient, inclusive and responsive.

Providing a platform for engagement among people, government institutions and organizations to the UN’s works and values

Connecting relevant stakeholders locally and internationally to advance international cooperation and adopt multilateral approach to addressing global challenge.

Serving as the mouthpiece for the Ghanaian youth to advocate for good governance and active participation of Ghana at the UN

What We believe

It is our deepest conviction that a stronger United Nations hinged on trust, strong international cooperation and the involvement of stakeholders will lead to social progress, peace and development and a better life for all.

Our Core values

  • Integrity and ethical values; we hold ourselves to moral principles
  • Direct, open and honest communication; we encourage people to share their ideas and concerns, both positive and negative.
  • Commitment; We are committed to the ideals, values and principles of the United Nations
  • Continual self-improvement / self renewal
  • People as the source of our strength; we mobilize people and empower them with knowledge to contribute to building a better world.
  • Team-orientation / commitment to each other
  • Creativity / innovation / risk-taking; we adopt new ideas and ICT-enabled solutions to reach out to all stakeholders.

How We Are Funded

UNAYAGH is mainly funded through donor grants, member dues, donations and sponsorship from organizations

How we are Governed

The United Nations Youth Association – Ghana (UNYAGH) is registered as limited by guarantee. The Association is governed by Board of Directors made up of experts and elected secretary-generals of the various Chapters.