United Nations Association-Ghana (UNA-GH)


The preamble of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER expresses the determination of the peoples of the world to create and sustain peace and stability, promote human rights, democracy and good governance, food security, poverty eradication, good health, quality education, environmental protection and physical development among others.

To fortify the UN and accelerate the achievement of these laudable goals,a number of voluntary, non-government, non-partisan and non-profit-making organizations, appropriately called UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS (UNAs) sprang up in the UN member-Nations in 1946, just a year after the formation of the UN to rally international support for the world body.

A number of distinguished political figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt, the widow of the late American President and Jan Masaryk former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the then Czechoslovakia brought the UNAs together to form the WORLD FEDERATION OF UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS (WFUNA) as a global peoples movement for the support of the goals and the work of the UN.

The essence therefore, for the existence of the United Nations Associations is based on the preparation that without the widest possible understanding and appreciation of,as well as participation in and support for the activities and programs of the UN by the people, the world body will achieve very little.

It was in the light of the foregoing that the UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION-GHANA (UNA-GH) was formed in 1952.

The Association was originally named Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) an has been operating in Ghana and has also been a member of WFUNA since its establishment.


The name of the Association had to be changed from Ghana United Nations Association to UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS-GHANA (UNA-GH) to conform to the global naming of UNAs at an Extra-ordinary National Congress held at the National Museum,Accra,on Saturday,30th, November,2002.

The has duly been registered with its current name, UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (UNA–GH) in accordance with the laws of Ghana by the Registrar General’s Department under the companies Code 1963 (ACT 179) with Certificate of incorporation No.G.1892 dated 2nd October,2003.

Our Vision

UNA-GH is established as non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit-making, progressive and registered organization to become the main people's (mass) movement of the UN for the creation of a global village deviod of conflict, diseases, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and under-- development.

Our Mission

UNA---GH exit to formulate, executive and sustain strategic projects and programs in Ghana and elsewhere through collaboration with governments, WFUNA, UNAs, UN Agencies and development partners by educating and engaging people in the work of the UN for the achievement of its Goals.

We Pursue Our Mission

To consciously, efficiently disseminate information about the purpose, work, achievements and challenges of the UN.

To nurture and promote peace and also foster National and international brotherhood.

To prevent,manage and resolve conflicts.

To promote human rights, democracy and good governance.

To work towards the empowerment of vulnerable groups like illiterate women, children, youth and the physically---challenged

To prevent and combat the spread of deadly diseases.

To undertake sustainable development projects with the view to achieve sustainable development Goals.


We partner with bodies or organizations that subscribe to the VISION and MISSION of the United Nations (UN).