Membership Levels/Fees

Below are UNA-GH membership levels and fees: Note that fees are subject to review:

Regular Membership:  

Fee: [GHS 165.00 ]    (Aprox. USD22.00)

This is an annual fee paid by regular members to support the effective running of the Association (UNA-GH) 


-Membership ID Card/Branded Lacoste (at a fee)

– Membership Certificate

-Invitation to UNA-GH and UN Events/Conferences in Ghana and abroad.

– Letter of Recommendation/Introduction for application of visa, etc

– Opportunity to volunteer in humanitarian projects

– Opportunity to network with other UNA-GH members locally and internationally through events and social activities.

– Benefit from meaningful professional development opportunities and training in the areas of human rights, sustainable development, gender equity, etc.

– Opportunity to participate in UN Youth Delegate Programmes including The Youth Assembly. ( The Youth Assembly is a bi-annual conference that brings together the world’s foremost young leaders and change-makers. 

Executive Membership