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The United Nations Association of Ghana an affiliate of World Federation Of United Nations Associations ( WFUNA) joins the rest of the world to mark the International Human Right Day on the theme ” Equality”.

It is an established principle within the UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION CHARTER, stipulating that all human being born under the sun irrespective of creed, colour, gender, age, religious and political proclivity etc are born equal ,free , with dignity and have indivisible inalienable right.

It is therefore incumbent on every parents ,political authorities, chiefs and the like, do everything possible within their purview not to harass ,intimidate, gag free speech, freedom of Association, and vindictiveness of any shape or form so far as “Equality law” is not breached.

We strongly advocate that all successive governments and corporate organisations treat all staffs eqully whether male or female. Under no circumstances whatsoever, equal work will be discriminated against the backdrop of gender ,ethnicity and colour.

Furthermore,all criminal offences under the “offence Act “of every political regime must not be skewed towards one direction under the guise of ” partisan coloration or activisim” but instead follow rule of law religiously for the admiration of all.Again, individuals who find themselves in the “three Arms of Governments” in Ghana as classical example such as Executive, Legislature and Judicial must not arrogate to themselves special superiority over the rest of the citizenry but recognize that all privileges accorded them are due to their works, and as such, they must act within the confines of rule of law at all times and not the opposite to say the least.

It is suffice to say that, the very day ones human right of equality is denied or challenged, the person existence is adequately affected in the paraphrase of words of Nelson Mandela, one of the Human Right champions of the world and late President of South Africa.

In conclusion, we all have a collective responsibility to ensure that all vulnerable group in the society namely, physically challenged, aged , Albinos, women and children ectera must be seen as same people within God’s ecosystem of Equality.
To this end, we must work to achieve the 60th birthday of the UN declaration of Equal Right which falls on every 10th December of which Ghana is a proud signatory to the charter.
On Behalf of United Nations Association of Ghana
Mr.Stephen kojo Sackey
Director of Communication & International Relations- UNAGH