World Mental Health Awareness Day

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Mental health is observed on every 10th ,October since 1992.
Alarmingly, it is estimated that globally four hundred and fifty (450) million people live with mental disorders which is among the leading causes of ill- health and disability worldwide according to world health organization report 2001.
Moreover, in every forty seconds people die of suicide and Eight Hundred thousand (800000) annually due to mental health disorders.The statistical figures are very heart ranching to say the least.
Suffice to say that, the unprecendented outbreak of the recent menance of deadly covid-19 global pandemic is likely to give a complete variant astronomical statistical figures.
Covid-19 has negatively affected economic activities, restrictions on movement of people and goods,Isolations and social distancing,massive lost of jobs, high hospitalization of covid patient ,lost of loved ones, shortage of PPE supply, stigma, uneven distribution of vaccines across the globe especially the developing countries like Africa and its associated mental stresses covid-19 pandemic posed.
Also,mental health situations are critical and it must be seen as human rights and similarly a global pandemic issue by everyone,everywhere.
Unfortunately,we rarely talk about mental health at home, schools, churches,mosques and public places about the causes and its consequential effects on individuals as well as economies of nations etc.
Additionally, we observed low budgetary supports from successive governments,civil society organizations, philanthropists in training of more mental health professionals including alternative herbal health practitioners on other hand, supply of adequate drugs for treatments,proper feeding support systems and rehabilitation of mental health facilties for those already leaving with mental illness and stigma.
The data suggests that about 13million people live with mental disorders in Ghana alone out of estimated 30million plus population.
It further buttress the fact that,everyone is at any giving stage a potential mental health victim to say the least.
In conclusion,we recommend that as a matter of priority :
1.We should intensify advocacy,publicity and education on mental health and its related disorders at home,schools ,churches ,mosque especially the youth against drug abuse and self- medication by the National Commission on Civic Education ( NCCE) in the case of Ghana.
2.We should have more mental health centers in the communities and hospitals to help detect early signs of mental disorders and possibly correct them on time.
3.Governments must provide legal framework and stiffer punishments if exist , for those who stigmatise people leaving with mental disorders in order to encourage early check – up,treatments and integration back to the society by citizens whose strong anxiety and fear is to be mocked.
Not only that, Non Governmental Organisation(NGO),Traditional authorities, clegy, philanthropist etc must really support for Governments to increase budgetary allocation to heath institutions responsible for mental health and as well embark on projects such as recreational parks to ease loneliness,social welfare schemes,easy access to credits and Employment avenues to teeming youth and families to reduce mental stresses.etc
Indeed,mental health is a reality and collective responsibility for everyone, everywhere.
The time for action can’t be postponed for our next generation ,it is now or never.