UNAGH: Membership Benefits

If you apply for either Membership or Regional Executive officer position, you are to serve as a volunteer. This comes with no direct monetary rewards but it will open many immeasurable opportunities for you.

If you are successfully shortlisted/appointed as a Regional/District Executive officer, you will be sworn into office to volunteer on a part-time basis. You don’t have to leave your job to volunteer for the United Nations Association -Ghana (UNAGH). You are to serve for two years, subject to reappointment.

Note: By accepting to serve as an Executive Officer of UNAGH, you agree to unconditionally volunteer your time, expertise, money, and any other resources to help promote the activities of the Association to achieve its mission and vision.

Regional Executive Officers work directly under the Corporate Affairs Directorate of the United Nations Association while District Executives work under the Regional Executives. Regional Officers oversee all the District Branches in the regions. They are mandated to implement and oversee all UN-funded projects, programs, and UN commemorative events in their respective regions and districts. They are mandated to implement and oversee all UN-funded projects, programs, and UN commemorative events in their respective Districts.


Below are some of the benefits of serving as a Regional/District Executive officer.

  • As an Executive Officer of the United Nations Association of Ghana, you have the privilege to engage with Regional Ministers, Regional Security Officials, the Regional Traditional Council, District Chief Executives, and other high-profile personalities in your region or district to address issues of national concern.
  • You have the privilege and bragging right to use the UN emblem/logo which cannot be used by just any person except a member of the UN fraternity.
  • You may also have the opportunity to participate in UN-sponsored conferences in Ghana and abroad.
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in UN-sponsored training programs and be part of UN initiatives in your region or district among other opportunities.


Below are general membership benefits.

  • Membership ID Card/Branded Lacoste (at a fee)
  •  Membership Certificate
  •  Invitation to UNA-GH and UN Events/Conferences in Ghana and abroad.
  •  Letter of Recommendation/Introduction for application of visa, etc
  • Opportunity to volunteer in humanitarian projects
  • Opportunity to network with other UNA-GH members locally and internationally through events and social activities.
  • Benefit from meaningful professional development opportunities and training in the areas of human rights, sustainable development, gender equity, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in UN Youth Delegate Programmes including The Youth Assembly. ( The Youth Assembly is a bi-annual conference that brings together the world’s foremost young leaders and change-makers.


Below are other membership benefits that come with Terms and Conditions.

1. Free Legal Advice

2. Free Medical Consultation

3. Free Personal/Marital Counseling

4. Free Traveling Advice/Guidance

5. Free Business/ Entrepreneur Advice / Mentorship

6. Free Educational Advice/ Mentorship

7. Free Financial Advice

8. Social Welfare/Support:  Funeral & Wedding (Only at the District Level)