Call for application for the position of Regional Chairman for the United Nations Association – Ghana.


1. You are required to apply and pay for the application fee. 

– The application fee also covers your annual membership dues.

– Note that there will be no refund after any payments.

2. You must be 30 years and above.

3. You must be a Ghanaian.

4. You must reside in the region you are applying for.

5. You must have at least tertiary education.

6. You must have sterling leadership qualities with influence and experience in managing and leading a large team, including basic knowledge of ICT.

7. You must be selfless and willing to offer humanitarian/voluntary services.

8. You must believe in the ideals and principles of the United Nations.

9. You must have no criminal records.

10. You must have no socially deviant behavior.


The Regional Chair is the head of the regional secretariat and serves as the liaison between the UNAGH National Secretariat and the UNAGH Regional Secretariat.

The Regional Chair is responsible for facilitating close communication between the Corporate Affair Directorate (CAD) at the national secretariat and the National Executives.


  1. The Regional Chair is responsible for overseeing the administration of the regional secretariat and consult with the National Secretariat (where appropriate) in seeking recommendations in the effective discharge of his/her
  2. Work in collaboration with the regional vice chair and regional secretariat officers to advance the mission of the UNAGH in the region including UNAGH brand awareness, member engagement and participation.
  3. Manages the regional leadership team to define the strategic plan for the region and get agreement on annual strategic goals and objectives for each division of the regional secretariat.
  4. Ensures regional teams deliver on programs and financial expectations to ensure that collectively the regional officers achieve their annual projections.
  5. Work closely with the UNAGH  National  Secretariat through the  Corporate Affairs Directorate to align with the overall strategies and vision of the Association.
  6. Ensure good working relationships between her/his regional leaders and all UNAGH national officers and staff.
  7. Provide oversight in the region for any partnership or collaboration efforts with other organizations or associations, ensuring alignment with association governance policies.
  8. Mentor, coach, and support regional officers in their leadership roles and professional development
  9. Approve regional secretariat committee recommendations for regional patrons’ roles in accordance with UNAGH governance policies.