Call for application for the position of Regional Fundraising Officer and a Deputy for the United Nations Association – Ghana.


1. You are required to apply and pay for the application fee. 

– The application fee also covers your annual membership dues.

– Note that there will be no refund after any payments.

2. You must be 18 years and above.

3. You must be a Ghanaian.

4. You must reside in the region you are applying for.

5. You must have at least tertiary education.

6. You must have basic knowledge of ICT.

7. You must be selfless and willing to offer humanitarian/voluntary services.

8. You must believe in the ideals and principles of the United Nations.

9. You must have no criminal records.

10. You must have no socially deviant behavior.


The fundraiser’s responsibilities include developing fundraising programs, recruiting sponsors and volunteers, and encouraging support through promotional activities. The officer should also develop and maintain professional relationships.

– Must be successful as a fundraiser, and demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, plus strong leadership qualities.

– Must work closely with the leadership of the Regional Secretariat for approval in all fundraising initiatives.

– Ultimately, he/she should be able to perform under pressure, possessing exceptional organizational and presentation skills.

Fundraiser Responsibilities:

1. Researching potential sponsors.

2. Writing funding proposals and sending these to potential sponsors.

3. Creating marketing and promotional activities.

4. Developing fundraising events.

5. Maintaining records of sponsors.

6. Organizing campaigns that will lead to donations.

7. Training volunteers.

Fundraiser Requirements:

a. Experience in fundraising

b. Creativity and persuasion skills

c. Good organizational skills

d. Strong leadership qualities

e. Must be proactive