Apply to become a member of the United Nations Association – Ghana.

Annual Membership Fee: GHC 165.00.

1. Applicant must be 15 years and above.

2. Applicant must be selfless and willing to offer humanitarian/voluntary services.

3. Applicant must believe in the ideals and principles of the United Nations.

4. Applicant must have no criminal records.

5. Applicant must have no deviant  social behavior.

 Membership Benefits: 

-Membership ID Card/Branded Lacoste

– Membership Certificate

-Invitation to UNA-GH and UN Events/Conferences in Ghana and abroad.

– Letter of Recommendation/Introduction for application of visa, etc

– Opportunity to volunteer in humanitarian projects

– Opportunity to network with other UNA members locally and internationally through events and social activities.

– Benefit from meaningful professional development opportunities and training in the areas of human rights, sustainable development, gender equity, etc.

– Opportunity to  participate in UN Youth Delegate Programmes including The Youth Assembly. ( The Youth Assembly is a bi-annual conference which brings together the world’s foremost young leaders and change-makers. The Youth Assembly delegates, aged 18 to 32, come from over 100 countries and possess strong leadership potential as well as keen interest in global issues)


Apply for Organization affiliation/membership with the United Nations Association-Ghana.

Affiliation Fee: GHC 1,000.00. (Renewable every 2yrs)

  • The affiliating Organization/Institution must not be involved in any illicit or criminal activities
  • Must be willing to support and promote humanitarian/voluntary social services.
  • Must believe in the ideals and principles of the United Nations.

Affiliation Benefits: 

  • Certificate of Honor
  • Publication of your organization/institution’s profile and logo on the official website of UNAGH
  • Recognition in all UNAGH media engagements and public events 
  • Invitation to UNA-GH/UN Events/Conferences 
  • Letter of Introduction (Upon a written request)