The United Nations  Association – Ghana (UNA-GH) is an affiliate member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). UNA-GH is established as a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit-making, progressive, and registered organization to become the main people’s (mass) movement of the UN for the creation of a global village devoid of conflict, diseases, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and under-development.

UNA-GH exits to formulate, executive, and sustain strategic projects and programs in Ghana and elsewhere through collaboration with governments, WFUNA, UNAs, UN Agencies, and development partners by educating and engaging people in the work of the UN for the achievement of its goals.

To this end, the United Nations Association-Ghana is recruiting Regional, District, and Area branch executives to strengthen its operations at the grass-root levels and to expand membership base in the country.

We are starting with Regional Branch Executives recruitment in all the 16 regions of Ghana. Submission of the application closes on 30th April 2022 at 11:59 PM.

All entries for the various positions will be reviewed and shortlisted after the deadline. Shortlisted candidates will move to the next stage of the application process for online voting by the public on our official website from 15th June to 30th June 2022. Contesting candidates will have their portraits and profile published on this website.

The contesting candidates are expected to canvass for public votes from their respective regions to secure the position. They can do this by sharing the online voting link to get people to vote for them just by a click of a button.

Candidates who will obtain the highest votes by the close of the polls will be appointed to the positions they applied for. Successful applicants will be sworn into office at a colorful ceremony to be held at the Parliament House in Accra. They will also undergo orientation to know more about what is expected of them, the benefits and opportunities available to them as officers working in the interest of the United Nations; and will learn about the mission, vision and ideas of UN. 

By joining the United Nations Association -Ghana you can get the opportunity to participate in UN Youth Delegate Programmes including The Youth Assembly. ( The Youth Assembly is a bi-annual conference which brings together the world’s foremost young leaders and change-makers. The Youth Assembly delegates, age 18 to 32, come from over 100 countries and possess strong leadership potential as well as keen interest in global issues).

Do you have voluntary spirit and a passion to serve humanity? This is an opportunity to join the UN family. Don’t hesitate to apply for membership and any of the vacant regional executive positions below.

Note that early submissions shall be considered first.


1. Regional Chairman
2. Regional Vice Chairman
3. Regional General Secretary
4. Deputy Regional General Secretary
5. Regional Organizer
6. Deputy Regional Organizer
7. Regional Treasurer
8. Regional Coordinator

9. Regional Youth Organizer
10. Deputy Regional Youth Organizer
11. Regional Women Organizer
12. Deputy Regional Women Organizer

13. Regional Membership Officer
14. Regional Disability Officer
15. Regional Media Liaison Officer
16. Regional Fundraising Officer

17. Regional Programs Officer

18. Regional Artisans Officer


Induction Of UNA-GH National Executives